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vimff reuben krabbe headshot

Reuben Krabbe

Reuben Krabbe is a local photographer who will be sharing the finale of a three part series of mind blowing ski photographs.

More than just a guy with a camera, Reuben skis and mountain bikes alongside the athletes he documents. His skills as a skier and rider compliment his work, and his craft and vision have taken him everywhere from skiing in the Yukon to mountain biking in Alabama.

Reuben draws inspiration from the activity itself, but also mixes in concepts from physics, art history or music. His photos have won competitions such as Deep Summer and the Banff Photographer Shootout.


The journey started in 2013 in the Yukon under the aurora borealis, had it’s middle piece during a solar eclipse near the north pole, and finishes near Pemberton under a blanket of stars. Reuben will present on his photography journey and screen the film Nebula, 13 minutes, which documents the last part of this absurd trilogy of images.

Reuben will take us inside his creative process, answer questions, and speak to his experience with climate change, depression, action, and advocacy.