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Sarah Marquis

Sarah Marquis is a National Geographic Explorer who was nominated for the Adventurer of the Year in 2014 and was awarded the European Adventurer of the Year in 2013.

Marquis is the international bestselling author of 7 books and is currently working on her 8th. The explorer is as comfortable on stage as she is on a solo expedition – currently having more than 500 talks under her belt.

If you add up all her expeditions over the past 25 years, Sarah has clocked up enough miles to circumnavigate the planet, solo and on foot through the most isolated and challenging terrain.

Dropped into the Wild Corner

In 2015, National Geographic Explorer Sarah Marquis completed her solo traverse of the Kimberley’s in Western Australia. Over a course of 3 months starting on June 6, Sarah walked 500 miles through the wildest part of the country while living off the land and gathering food using aboriginal methods. Sarah survived the harsh conditions of the drought, close calls with saltwater crocodiles, bushfires and other dangers of the Australian bush and lost 12 kg of her bodyweight – more than an expedition, this was a fight to survive.

Learning about the inter-connectiveness of life, Sarah read nature like a treasure map and followed her instincts. She found her own limits were mostly in her mind and that faith in something bigger was necessary before crossing this unhabitable landscape infested with the World’s most poisonous wildlife.