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Shelma Jun

Shelma Jun is a sucker for a good story. Whether it’s documenting cyclists of color in NYC or building a temporary community art park in the Lower East Side, she focuses on bringing people together and sharing their stories. Shelma is also the founder of Flash Foxy and the Women’s Climbing Festival, a national climbing organization that focuses on empowering womxn through climbing. A current Board Member of the Access Fund, Shelma was named one of 40 women who’ve made the biggest impact in the outdoor world by Outside Magazine in 2017. A leader in the outdoor community, she has written, spoken and presented on the importance of creating a climbing community that reflects and welcomes everyone who identifies as a climber. Raised in California but currently based in Brooklyn, Shelma can often be found plugging widgets into horizontal cracks at the Gunks or getting scared on granite highballs in Bishop.


Duality is Shelma Jun’s investigation of how her identity as a climber and her identity as a Korean-American immigrant converge on a three week trip to Korea in May 2019. Through this trip, she not explored identity but how our connections to places and experiences are intrinsically tied together and can enrich one another.