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Mon, Feb 24, 2020, 7:30, The Cinematheque

Stories from the Magic Canoe

Environmental, Mountain Culture, Canadian

Presented by Rocky Mountain Books

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Cultural teachings from Wa’xaid (Cecil Paul) as told by his daughter Cecelia Reekie and author Briony Penn.

Date, Time & Location:

Mon, Feb 24, 2020

Doors 7:00pm / Show 7:30pm

The Cinematheque


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Briony Penn & Cecelia Reekie

Who better to tell the narrative of our times about the restoration of land and culture than Wa’xaid (the good river), or Cecil Paul, a Xenaksiala elder who pursued both in his ancestral home, the Kitlope - now the largest protected unlogged temperate rainforest left on the planet. Join Wa’xaid’s daughter Cecelia Reekie and author and annotator Briony Penn who meticulously transcribes Wa’xaid’s stories and teachings in her book – Stories from the Magic Canoe of Wa’xaid.

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1131 Howe St, Vancouver, BC | (604) 688-8202