Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell likes to “suffer in beautiful places” and loves exploring his backyard and challenging himself on foot, skis and on rock. He was raised on the beaches of Lagos, Nigeria to Canadian parents, but now calls the Canadian Rockies home. He has competed in, and regularly place on the podium at, some of the world’s most challenging and competitive mountain running races and trail ultramarathons. This includes podium finishes at the Ultra Trail Mount Fuji, Hardrock 100, UTMB, Squamish 50 and the Canadian mountain running championships. Adam is also a member of Canada’s ski mountaineering team and has the Fastest Known Time on many Canadian mountains and trails.
Adam is happiest exploring mountain terrain on foot, rope and skis and sharing those moments with close friends. When not running around the mountains, he’s an environmental and business lawyer. He is also a co-owner of Canada’s largest trail running series and is a vocal advocate for getting people, especially kids, to reconnect with nature and explore their own backyards, parks and neighbourhoods through human powered movement. These days Adam is most inspired by “alpinrunning” – taking his fitness and love of human powered movement and combining them with technical mountain skills to approach the mountains in a light and fast way, although a recent accident has caused him to reevaluate his approach to risk and mountain pursuits.

Learning Good Judgement From Bad Experiences
For my whole adult life I’ve been a professional endurance athlete, traveling the world, pushing my physical limits in some of the most challenging events and alpine terrain in the world. All that changed on August 30th, 2016 when I, along with two friends were attempting a never before been done fast and light traverse of 14 peaks in Rogers Pass. We were moving along well, making great progress through the beautiful mountain terrain when disaster struck. A fridge sized block of rock pulled out on me, sending me tumbling over 200 feet down a “blockey” mountain face. I found myself lying at the bottom of the mountain in a pool of blood, happy to be alive, but knowing that my life of easy movement and mountain challenges would be changed forever. I broke my back, my pelvis, my ankle, I punctured a lung and suffered severe lacerations across my body. In the weeks and months that followed I examined my passions and pursuits, the impacts that my choices have had on my loved ones and have struggled with my new physical realities. My talk will explore the realizations that I have had in my recovery process and will examine my new relationship with my passion.

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