Ben Page

Ben Page is a multi-award winning filmmaker, adventurer and photographer from the UK. He has spent the past few years travelling to some of the world’s remotest corners in search of wild and diverse adventures and experiences.

Cycling Back Home

Aged 22 and with $10,000 of saved student loans, Ben Page left his home in the UK and caught a flight to the farthest place he could imagine – the southern tip of South America. From there he took his first pedal stroke of a three year bike ride home, a journey which would carry him almost 50,000km across five continents. During this adventure he battled -40C snowstorms riding across the Arctic Sea in winter and +55C summer sand storms in the Sudanese Sahara. Traversing high mountains and crossing vast plains, Ben followed a myriad of small trails and tracks that intersected countries and continents, carrying him to remote locations far from the tourist crowds. These wild wanderings allowed him rare glimpses at the lives lived in the some of the world’s ‘hidden’ corners; from nomadic families in the far reaches of the Mongolian Steppe to Maasaai ceremonies in caves perched in the mountains of the African savannah. Ben shares tales of his long bike ride home, accompanied with stunning photographs and beautiful videos. Included in the presentation is a screening of Ben’s multi award-winning film The Frozen Road, a self shot film capturing the wonders and terrors of a month spent riding through the Canadian Arctic in winter.