Kat Young, Natasha Drozdzenska & Ania Markiewicz

Sisters on the Circuit: A Trekking Adventure in the Himalayas

Friends Natasha, Kat and Ania set out on the Annapurna Circuit with Tila, their female Nepali mountain guide, to cross one of the highest traversable passes in the world, Thorong La (17,769 feet/5,416m). They join VIMFF to inspire fellow everyday women who want to plan their own adventure.

Natasha Drozdzenska

Natasha was born in Poland to two mountaineering enthusiasts. She grew up skiing, climbing, mountain biking, camping and adventuring. In her twenties, she realized the therapeutic benefits of nature. This inspired her to go back to school to pursue her master’s degree in counseling psychology. She plans to incorporate nature into her therapeutic practice.

Kat Young

Raised in Texas and Upstate New York, Kat’s earliest connection to nature was spending countless days in the ocean on the Gulf of Mexico. When she later discovered hiking in her early twenties, high peaks were calling her name and she was hooked. She has since made spending time in the mountains a priority. As an education coordinator with the University of British Columbia, she coordinates medical courses that travel to rural BC communities, and takes the opportunity to explore the far corners of British Columbia whenever possible.

Ania Markiewicz

Ania has had an athletically focused upbringing, leading her to begin coaching gymnastics at an early age. Wanting to carry on her passion for being active, she pursued a career in stunts, in film and television. She now works in the film industry in multiple facets, as a stunt woman and a stand in, and is starting to explore the technical side of film.