Kristina Engel & Friends

7 Days SUP Touring the Broken Islands

A tale about four adventurous friends and their story being some of the first people to have SUP toured the Broken Island archipelago. White sandy beaches in BC? Camping in old growth forests? Hell yeah! But getting there involves traversing windy channels and currents on paddle boards loaded with gear. A show with a twist, high flying acrobatics, live music, and an inspirational story that’ll leave you craving island adventures.

Personal Bios:

Kristina (Aya) Engel has been a professional circus acrobat for 7 years. She’s lived a wild life on tour, now she has now finally settled in Vancouver. She is a herbalist, yoga instructor and always eager to get into the mountains in her spare time. West coast passions include; hiking, kite surfing, acro yoga, SUP boarding and general shenanigans.


Valtteri is a passionate mover. Background in kitesurfing, freeskiing and stand up paddling Valtteri enjoys discovering new ways to explore. He has founded a kiteboarding and Sup school in Finland . Stand up paddling has been a great extension to his passion to play with the Ocean . He moved to BC 2016 and has been super stoked to explore this amazing land.


Working in the fashion industry, Ariane has been traveling the world, exploring different cultures since 2004. Feeling the call of nature in her explorations, she moved to the west coast a year ago and has been learning about mountain, forest and ocean life ever since. It’s never too late to start new things!


Sandra is a frenchie known to be pretty high intensity. She have worked as a circus performer and social circus teacher, social worker and model. Her favorite activities usually involve doing art, getting lost in woods, climbing big rocks, multidays expeditions, good food and good wine.. She travels a lot, and decided to move out west 6 months ago to get a bigger and more challenging playground. She got onto a SUP for the very first time of her life a few months back. It did not take her long to decide to bring it all the way up to Garibaldi lake and on a 7 day touring trip in the high sea.