Laddie Hannam and Ann Taylor

Laddie Hannam and Ann Taylor met on the trails during a KneeKnacker training run back in 2003. After 10 KneeKnacker Trail Races that both completed in the same year some 13 years later in 2016, team “Over the Hill” trail running was formed for the TransAlps after watching a bunch of local runners successfully complete the year prior. Fear of Missing out (FOMO!) captured them and now they both have a beautiful adventure to share, figuring the time was “now” as they weren’t getting any younger and are still able to run after all these years, while managing a bunch of injuries. Each took a different route to training for this run, proving that there is not one “formula” that fits all in the quest for a finish line. The journey to the finish was magical.


Ann Taylor: Ann’s athletic career began as a Stanley Park runner at the age of 10, where she ran on Sundays around Stanley Park with her beautiful father! She started swimming while she had brought up her 3 children, who are all fully grown up now and are thriving young adults, as her hips were bothered during her pregnancies. She always biked to supplement getting around to her camping spot at Parksville, as there seemed to be no room for Ann in the old family Subaru station wagon.

She began running short distances around her home and was encouraged by a neighbour and well-known local distance trail runner/mountain biker to run on the trail, so she entered the KneeKnacker as her distances grew. Ann excelled at trail running and soon became sponsored by Montrail (with the help and advocacy of Ean Jackson). Ann won several age group races including the Montrail series. Ann has branched out to include road biking, yoga, TRX and paddle boarding to round out her enjoyment of the outdoors, especially while unable to run due to injury. She now loves to travel and adventure abroad and loves the warm sun. Ann doesn’t like the snow, but she sure loves the adventure! Ann’s professional life revolves around the Dentist’s office, where she has worked as an orthodontic assistant for the last 35+ years. Ann is strong and fast and is pushing boundaries. Ann’s longest single day run was during the TransAlps this past year!

Laddie Hannam: Laddie has been a lifelong multisport recreational athlete and enjoys the trail immensely. She started running around the track in public school in Toronto while preparing to play soccer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, track and field and run cross country. Somehow, her short runs became longer!

With a lifelong passion for sports, Laddie believes the “glue” to all of her activities is running! Moving through the mountains via mountain bike, road bike, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and paddle boarding have all enabled Laddie to slow down and experience both Adventure and Travel in a unique way. But, is it really that unique or is it a factor of the “company you keep” and those in your network? Laddie’s professional life is in Technology with a business development and sales background and her own company where she contracts out her services primarily in the Service Management and Analytics filed. She enjoys travelling through the night via a headlamp and going long on back to back days. Somehow, back to back to back days are enjoyable to Laddie as are around the clock adventures.

Our Journey to the TransAlps:

how two “average” trail runners from North Vancouver teamed up to run through the Alps at the tender combined age of 100+

A focus on the journey that took us to the start line in Oberstdorf, Germany on day 1, with a finish in Sulden, Northern Italy 7 days later. The TransAlps run is a 7 day staged trail run moving through the Alps that travelled through 4 countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The total distance measured was 264 km and 15,463 Meters of climbing.

We look forward to sharing our journey and providing a source of inspiration to those folks that might just consider an adventure such as the TransAlps and believe that they too can reach the finish line.