Mike Libecki

National Geographic Explorer/National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Mike Libecki can define his life in two ways:
1) Diagnosed with OECD – Obsessive Expedition Climbing Disorder: exploring the worlds most remote and untouched corners of the planet to find and climb huge, world-class first-ascents, so far more than 75 expeditions around the world…
2) Being a dedicated father to his daughter that wants to help save the world and explore in her own way…
Libecki has completed more than 75 expeditions all over the planet with a goal of 100 expeditions, from Afghanistan to Antarctica, to Greenland to Guyana, to Siberia to Socotra Island Yemen and everywhere in between… His pride and joy is being a father to his daughter Lilliana. And, Lilliana, at the age of 14, has already been to 25 countries and all 7 continents, and has been on four expeditions, including a ski expedition to Antarctica, ascent of Kilimanjaro in Africa, a 150-mile trek through the Himalaya of Nepal, and alpine climbing in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. All of Lilliana’s expeditions have all focused on humanitarian and conservation work. Mike and his daughter Lilliana just founded a nonprofit 501c3 organization that will focus on conservation and humanitarian work around the world.
In 2018 Mike has plans for a winter trip to Afghanistan, a new area in Kyrgyzstan/China, and another humanitarian/mountaineering expedition with his daughter to India and Iran.

Unexplored Earth

Come join National Geographic Explorer Mike Libecki as he takes us on a journey to some of the most remote climbing expeditions possible while searching for first ascents in Antarctica and Greenland. Ever wondered what its like to go on assignment on the most challenging expeditions in the world and bring home stories for National Geographic? He and his team will attempt to climb one of the most difficult big wall climbs on the planet all while living in temperatures colder than your freezer at home and enduring 100 mph winds in a place where rescue is impossible. Head to unexplored Greenland for paddle boarding with polar bears, barely surviving being stuck in the sea ice, and climbing one of the biggest towers in Greenland. And he will also share some of his Humanitarian-Mountaineering Expeditions with his daughter Lilliana. At 14 years old Lilliana has already been on 4 expeditions to Peru, Nepal, Antarctica and Africa, and all 7 continents! Come explore with us and experience the immaculate mayhem, magic, power and beauty of our Mother Earth and the parallel commonalities learned that relate to everyday life…
“The time is now! Why ration passion?!” – Mike Libecki
“In a world where we can be and do anything, be kind and do good.” – Lilliana Libecki