My Sea To Sky

#ProtectHoweSound for Future Generations

After decades of recovery efforts and millions in taxpayer dollars, the jewel in Vancouver’s backyard, Howe Sound, is coming back to life. The herring have returned, and with them, the salmon, dolphins, and whales. However, all of this is yet again under threat. Heavy industrial projects are proposed for Howe Sound, including Woodfibre LNG, its associated FortisBC pipeline and compressor station at Mt. Mulligan, and the Burnco gravel mine in the McNab Creek watershed.
Marine Scientist and Award-winning Environmental Activist, Tracey Saxby, and Extreme Energy Researcher, Eoin Finn, both Founding Members of, will talk about the latest status of these projects and why they believe heavy industry and extreme energy is not a fit for Howe Sound. They will share details of their new campaign vision to #ProtectHoweSound for future generations. Come to the show to find out what exactly this goal looks like and how you can get involved!

Tracey Saxby
Marine Scientist, Musician, Award-winning Environmental Activist, Co-Founder of My Sea to Sky

Tracey became an accidental activist in March 2007, when she proposed that Rossland should be the first plastic-bag free community in Canada, helping to kick-start the grassroots movement to reduce plastic bag use across Canada. Fast-forward seven years, and Tracey co-founded My Sea to Sky with several other Howe Sound citizens in March 2014, in response to growing concerns about the proposed Woodfibre LNG project. When she’s not volunteering as the Executive Director of My Sea to Sky, Tracey works at the nexus of science, design, and communication, as a partner at Visual Science, with a B.Sc. in marine science, and the equivalent of a masters in marine botany. In her spare time you can find Tracey skiing, sea kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, or kiteboarding—depending on the season. When she’s not having adventures or “saving the world” (or at least, her little corner of it) she’ll most likely be pottering in her veggie garden, playing guitar, or devouring a book in her hammock and watching the bees.

Eoin Finn
Extreme Energy Researcher, Co-Founder of My Sea to Sky

Eoin (pronounced Owen) Finn is a seasonal resident of Bowyer Island in Howe Sound and a co-founder of My Sea to Sky. A management consultant with 25 years business experience, he is a retired partner of major accounting/consulting firm KPMG. Eoin holds B.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) and MBA (International Business) degrees. He is a former climber and cave explorer and helped explore and film Castleguard Cave in the Rockies.

Eoin has spent the past four years researching safety, climate, environmental and economic aspects of BC’s proposed LNG industry—now encompassing over 20 proposals to build LNG plants on the West Coast from the Fraser River to Prince Rupert. He is especially concerned with the proposals to build LNG plants in Howe Sound (Woodfibre), Delta (Tilbury) and Kitimat. The environmental and climate effects of the upstream fracking activities associated with these gas exports on our climate and indigenous populations are also of great concern.