Parvaneh Kazemi

A woman from Iran: Breaking boundaries to reach top the world

As a girl growing up in the traditional and religious society of Iran, perhaps dreaming about reaching the top of the world without any support seems far-fetched, but not to Parvaneh.

Parvaneh was introduced to climbing and mountains late in life, after graduating with a BS in Mathematics. She started mountaineering at age 35 and for a few years only took part in non-technical trekking. But with a strong passion for the mountains, at the age of 42 she reached the top of the world and also completed a world record: The first woman in the world to reach the summit of Everest & Lhotse in single season, and not only that, a single week! She has climbed many 6-8000 meter peaks as the first Iranian woman and has become a symbol of hope to many Iranian climbers, and especially women in her country.

Without any support – Parvaneh often undertakes her expeditions independently and has gotten used to having to overcome countless difficulties, during and after her climbs. You will hear about her path to reach the top of these Himalayan giants and the hurdles she has battled along the way.