Rick Arikado & Suzanne Johnson

Rick Arikado has completed 105 ultras with the first one being the 1992 Knee Knacker. Nine 200+ mile races, starting with Tahoe 200 in 2014 and Moab 240 miler as the longest & most recent. His first race was a road half marathon in 1986.
Suzanne Johnson has somewhere around 75-80 ultras completed ranging in distance from 50k to 200 mile distance with the Knee Knacker being her first one in 2004. She’s raced for Team Canada in Wales and Holland at the 50 mile and 100k distance. The longest was her most recent at Tahoe (200) which has left her searching for longer ones.

The Tahoe 200 – The story of our training and the final experience of running the Tahoe 200. About a year ago we doubled up the New Years Day Fat Ass 50K to complete 100K for the day. While that wasn’t our first run together, it could be considered our training kick-off for the Tahoe run in September. We ran races and training adventures all across Washington state and the Lower Mainland, from running the Enchantments to a failed quad-crossing of the Baden Powell. Friday nights were spent running on the BP Trail starting at 9PM or driving south and sleeping at the trail head to get a couple of long runs on different trails. This made for good sleep deprivation training, too. Eventually we were ready for Tahoe and this is the story of how it all went down.