Susan Hui

Susan Hui is just another ordinary back of the pack runner who has a nickname “Turtle”. Having been diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome and Arrhythmia in 2010, Susan was was told by her cardiophysiologist that she should stop running or any form of stremous exercise that would stress her heart. In addition, she was also told she has hereditary premature bone degeneration. So then a turtle was born, she started running ultras, travelled the world, and made awesome friends along the way! Susan is a member of the Marathon Maniacs and has completed > 120 marathons and ultras which include a marathon or more in each of the 7 continents. Susan’s favourite past time is registering for races all around the world and shopping for cheap flights and hotels. When not doing that Susan can usually be found hanging around at the back in Seattle marathons having fun with her fellow Maniacs.

Dream BIG, Have FUN

Susan had always been fascinated with stories of amazing runners in amazing races all over the world, but because of her limited athletic abilities she thought these can never be for her they are all just distant dreams. Who knew, that if one dreams big enough, long enough, and hard enough, that sometimes the biggest dreams could come true, even for turtles! As an ordinary runner/turtle, Susan’s wildest dream came true when she completed back-to-back finishes in Comrades, and also when she finished the Marathon de Sables this past April. Although sometimes it might seem that not all dreams have fairy tale endings, as in some dreams we may be DFL or even DNS, but there is always a great adventure in every single dream and it’s all about having fun in the journey. Susan is going to be sharing some of her favourite dreams and adventures in this talk.