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Sat, Feb 10, 7:30, Centennial Theatre

Trail Running

Canadian, Mountain Sports

A night packed full of presentations and films from trails around the world.

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Sat, Feb 10, Centennial Theatre
Evening – Doors 6:30pm Show 7:30pm



Susan Hui

Susan Hui is just another ordinary back of the pack runner who has a nickname “Turtle”.  Having been diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome and Arrhythmia in 2010, Susan was was told by her cardiophysiologist that she should stop running or any form of stremous exercise that would stress her heart. In addition, she was also told she has hereditary premature bone degeneration.

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Rick Arikado & Suzanne Johnson

Rick Arikado has completed 105 ultras with the first one being the 1992 Knee Knacker. Nine 200+ mile races, starting with Tahoe 200 in 2014 and Moab 240 miler as the longest & most recent. His first race was a road half marathon in 1986. Suzanne has somewhere around 75-80 ultras completed ranging in distance from 50k to 200 mile distance with the Knee Knacker being her first one in 2004.

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Laddie Hannam and Ann Taylor

Laddie Hannam and Ann Taylor met on the trails during a KneeKnacker training run back in 2003. After 10 KneeKnacker Trail Races that both completed in the same year some 13 years later in 2016, team “Over the Hill” trail running was formed for the TransAlps after watching a bunch of local runners successfully complete the year prior. Fear of Missing out (FOMO!) captured them and now they both have a beautiful adventure to share, figuring the time was “now” as they weren’t getting any younger and are still able to run after all these years, while managing a bunch of injuries.

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Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell likes to "suffer in beautiful places" and loves exploring his backyard and challenging himself on foot, skis and on rock. He was raised on the beaches of Lagos, Nigeria to Canadian parents, but now calls the Canadian Rockies home. He has competed in, and regularly place on the podium at, some of the world's most challenging and competitive mountain running races and trail ultramarathons.

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In Constant Motion

Director: Cameron Sylvester
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 15 min

Adam Campbell’s life has revolved around motion. As one of the world’s top ultra runners, his mantra has been simple: ‘If you’re not moving, you’re dead’. This life of movement came to an abrupt halt on August 30th, 2016, when he experienced a near fatal accident while attempting a traverse through Roger’s Pass in BC, with runners...

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Director: Jason Bagby
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 24 min

Survival Run is an ultra-distance obstacle race that takes runners on a journey into their souls. Only a fraction will finish, but all will learn deeply about themselves and their fellow runners. Join these athletes’ journey through the inaugural Survival Run Canada.

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Why I Run

Director: Alastair Humphreys
Origin: UK
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 3 min

Every month I visit the Lake District to spend a day running in the hills. It's good for the body, good for the head, good for the soul. I film the run and chat to myself about whatever feels important that day. This month: why I run (and why I think you should do too...).

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Feel The Burn

Director: Dominic Gill
Origin: USA
Year of Production: 2016
Duration: 12 min

In a place that has a reputation for decadence and discomfort, a little-known ultramarathon is attracting hundreds of runners to experience its one of a kind environment of art, music, and nature.In this 12 minute film watch several wildly spirited runners take on the heat, dust, and distance while being encouraged on by a bizarre group of revelers.

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