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VIMFF 2018 Photography Competition

The 2018 VIMFF Photography Competition is now closed for submissions.

Stay tuned to this page for the winner announcement, and join us Sunday, February 11th at the Rio Theatre for the awards presentation and insightful talks on Photography

The Categories

Submissions must be identified as being under one, and only one, of the following categories, although the same image may be submitted more than once under different categories. All photos have a clear mountain connection and are submitting under one of the following categories; submissions may come from any part of the world.

Mountain Adventure & Sport: Photos of people engaged in climbing, running, hiking, or any other sport;

Mountain Culture and People: Photos of people, who are not engaged in sport. Perhaps making a meal, or someone you came across on the trail;

Mountain Landscape: Photos of the natural setting, possibly with people, but the people are not the core subject;

Mountain Painting: We are happy to announce a new category for paintings and other non-photographic art. Take a photo of your work, and submit. As far as possible, we will judge on the merits of the art piece rather than the quality of the photograph, but a good quality photograph will make it easier to appreciate the piece in question.

Additional Prizes:

Grand prize: Best of all submitted images

Best of BC: Best image taken in BC by a photographer based in BC

Best Animal: Best image where the animal is the key element

Best Environmental: Best image promoting protection of the environment

2017 VIMFF Photo Competition Partners

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2017 VIMFF Photo Competition Adjudication Committee


Adam Gibbs

From New Westminster, British Columbia, Adam has been a professional photographer is 1991. Adam has had hundreds of images published in magazines and calendars, including BBC’s Planet Earth and Canadian Geographic. Adam was the 2017 VIMFF Grand Prize winner.


Lauren van Ingen

Lauren is the 1st prize winner in the culture category of the VIMFF 2016 photo contest. She is an engineer and photographer who now calls Vancouver home but her love for the outdoors grew from a childhood spent canoeing and camping in Ontario. In her spare time you’ll find her outside enjoying the wilderness that drew her to the west coast. She loves exploring new places, whether on foot, skis, bike, or kayak, and photographing those adventures along the way.


Jason Bagby

Jason grew up in small-town Alabama before moving to the West Coast in his early twenties, where he quickly fell in love with the outdoors. His adventures have taken him to over 50 countries so far. He’s ridden a motorcycle 5000 miles across India and Nepal, climbed 6000-meter peaks in South America, and survived the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Jason is an avid rock climber, mountain biker and serial entrepreneur. Jason’s goal is to share his love of life and the outdoors by pulling the viewer into his adventures and by being a source of encouragement for others to seek out their own adventure where they feel truly and deeply alive.


Dylan Morgan

Dylan grew up rock climbing, mountaineering and distance cycling in South Africa. His drive is to explore the mountains through ultramarathon running, rock climbing and ski touring. These activities have taken Dylan to six continents, and from the Arctic to the Argentine Andes. When he isn’t exploring the mountains for himself, Dylan directs ultramarathon races and training camps. Dylan is the organizer of the Photographic Competition; he coordinates the adjudication committee.


Marlene Ford

Marlene is a professional photographer based in North Vancouver, British Columbia who also guides with Nepal Photo Expeditions. She is passionate about being in the mountains in all seasons, and has been associated with the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival for a number of years, including with the photo competition. She assists Dylan in coordinating the competition and convening the committee.

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