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VIMFF Launches New Website for 2017 Fall Series: Q & A with Web Designer Lindsay McGhee

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Interview with Web Designer Lindsay McGhee

Q: What motivated you to say yes to creating a new website for VIMFF?

When Maja from VIMFF originally contacted me regarding the VIMFF website rebuild, I was immediately excited to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing local film festival that supports everything I appreciate including arts, culture, environmentalism, community, exploration and adventure.

As I was still in my first year of a business I launched post-maternity leave, I was thrilled to have the outreach and exposure to get approached by VIMFF. Not only did I resonate with VIMFF as an outdoor enthusiast, but it was a project that challenged me to find solutions to provide this annual film festival and non-profit society with an aesthetically pleasing website that met all their functionality requirements.

With my knowledge of WordPress, I was determined to help them streamline the user experience, film & contests submissions, film uploading process (knowing they have 100+ films to upload every year), and ticketing, while giving them aesthetically pleasing, responsive platform to showcase their yearly main event and sub-events.

Originally, with all the specs and requirements, I thought it might be a project for a team, but I quickly realized they already have a solid team of individuals for each section of VIMFF, including the film submissions & programming, to the annual photography contest, to an online ticketing platform via a local company called Zaui.

Q: We noticed a big outdoor theme to your portfolio. How do you choose the projects you work on?

Yes, I am truly inspired by the outdoors. Even though I may spend my working hours inside at a computer daily, I changed career paths and established a home and family in Squamish for a reason. Hiking, skiing, biking and being outside is a passion, instilled since a childhood spent in the Kootenay Rockies. Freelancing has allowed me to live here and raise a son in an outdoor inspired community like the one I was raised in.

As for those projects that I have worked on this year, so far I am lucky enough to say they have chosen me. Some, I have had to pass by as they don’t fit in my currently booked schedule, but mostly I have been lucky enough to work with a handful of talented entrepreneurs in this quickly expanding town of Squamish. Some are creatives like myself and others provide services like health, beauty, architecture, lodging, etc… but most are creating a dream for themselves so that they can live in this beautiful place we call the Sea to Sky.

Q: You do so much from developing to designing websites, photography, branding and even social media. What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Honestly, I love all parts of a project. With my vast interests I was never able to focus on one thing since I was a child, something that has both challenged me and helped me find direction. I feel that my current business has allowed me to fulfill my need to be both creative and technical at the same time.

Photography has always been a huge passion growing up but something I never pursued as a career. I have always had a great digital SLR but have never invested in professional level equipment. I purchase a solid camera when my son was born and added it on as an additional service to offer when my client’s require it. My favourite projects are the ones that I can offer multiple services and facilitate a company through the process of brand development, collateral and print design, to web development and post-marketing via social media and enewsletters.

Q: When you’re not busy working or running after a toddler, what do you for fun outside?

Well I don’t get as much time as I used to, that’s for sure! But, I have taken advantage of the fact that my son LOVES his hiking back pack. We have gone on many 3-6hr hikes including Water Sprite, a hike in a National Park in Quebec, up the Chief, the Sea to Summit trail, Brandywine Meadows and even to Tricouni Lake during a blizzard in October. We have also done a few basic ski tours with him in backpack. During my maternity leave I started a Facebook group called Squamish Moms Hike. It started with just a few of my like-minded mom friends and now has almost 400 members. A few other moms have taken over leading weekly hikes now that I am focused on my business and I am so glad that it has continued to get new moms out there!

When pregnant, I floated the Squamish river many times as it is harder to find outdoor activities that are both fun and not risky. It turns out he loves paddle-boarding even out of belly. I recently took him out into Howe Sound for the Patagonia Flotilla to Protect Howe Sound.

In the next few years though as he grows and becomes more independent I am hoping to get more solo time to spend skiing and mountain biking and even have some multi-day hiking trips. One day he will be old enough to join me and I can’t wait to take him on some amazing adventures.

Q: Now that you’ve gotten to know our Fall Series program really well, what show are you most excited to attend this November?

With winter just around the corner I am pretty excited to see all that both ski shows have to offer. I grew up ski racing and then in my teens transitioned to freestyle skiing. I love everything by Sherpa Cinema’s so Tsirku is one that stands out, but all films and speaker presentations in the ski shows represent a different aspect of the ski world that I can appreciate. From small town park to big mountain skiing… from pushing yourself to the limits young and young at heart… to the effects on the environment, all films and speaker presentations for sure capture my interest.

Q: What is the best way for an individual, organization or company to get in touch with you?

Please feel free to check out my website: www.lindsaymcghee.com and get in touch if you are interested in working on a project with me.


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