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VIMFF Photo Competition Sale!

We are selling the prints from our past VIMFF Photo Competition Exhibitions that include high-quality copies of great photos at less than half the price that it would normally cost to print them! The photographs are printed on 20″ x 30″ aluminum – the images really POP. There are also two available paintings that have been printed on 16″ x 24″ canvas.

In total, there are currently 11 photographs and 2 paintings available, please see the below image gallery. Inventory will be sold on a first come first served basis, and sales are final. We are selling these at BELOW COST, as we hope that they will bring inspiration to you!

  • The photographs are $110 CAD shipped anywhere in Canada, or $90 picked up in Squamish, or $90 + shipping & handling anywhere else.
  • The paintings range from $60-$80 CAD plus shipping & handling.

To check availability and make a purchase contact photos@vimff.org.

VIMFF photo comp grand prize blake randall swift current lake

Swift Current Lake

Photographer: Blake Randall
Location: Swift Current Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

VIMFF photo comp best of bc prize marco arimare duffey delight

Duffey Delight

Photographer: Marco Arimare
Location: Mount Matier, British Columbia, Canada

VIMFF photo comp environmental prize ashley voykin syringa complex

Syringa Complex

Photographer: Ashley Voykin
Location: Castlegar, British Columbia

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Landscape 2nd Philipp Salzborn Along The Abyss

Along the Abyss

Photographer: Philipp Salzborn

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Best of BC Among the hoodoos by Peter Lonergan

Among the Hoodoos

Photographer: Peter Lonergan

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Landscape 1st Sherwin Calaluan Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Photographer: Sherwin Calaluan

VIMFF photo comp sport second prize christian core dreaming dream catcher

Dreaming DreamCatcher

Photographer: Christian Core
Location: Squamish BC

Jesse Levine__Splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan

Splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan

Photographer: Jesse Levine

VIMFF photo comp culture second prize ashley voykin mt lepsoe cabin

Mt. Lepsoe Cabin

Photographer: Ashley Voykin
Location: Rossland, British Columbia

Paola Cernicchiaro__Wave Bandit

Wave Bandit

Photographer: Paola Cernicchiaro

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Sport 1st James Frystak Mark Sky TIFF

Mt. Lepsoe Cabin

Photographer: James Frystak

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Sport 3rd Philipp Salzborn Up With The Birds

Up With The Birds

Photographer: Philipp Salzborn

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Culture 1st Mercier Zeng Early Morning Fishing

Early Morning Fishing

Photographer: Mercier Zeng

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Culture 3rd Tayu Hayward Mountain Weaver

Mountain Weaver

Photographer: Tayu Hayward

VIMFF photo comp culture first prize suzanne stroeer sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Photographer: Suzanne Stroeer

VIMFF 2018 photo comp Painting 1st Gloria Szabo Mile High Sunrise

Mile High Peaceful Sunrise

Artist: Gloria Szabo

Danielle Nesbitt__Black Tusk

Black Tusk

Artist: Danielle Nesbitt

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