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Womxn in Adventure Show

Be entertained by these four films, including the North American premiere of Kakapo Crest. This show tells incredible stories about travelling off-track to a remote peak in New Zealand, gaining wisdom and appreciating the art of highlining, growing to become one of the best big mountain skiers in the world & taking a journey of self-discovery in Nunavik.

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Friday, February 19 at noon PST

This show includes access to view all the films listed below.


Show ticket: $17

Festival passes:

Film only: $85 | All-access: $105

This show was part of the VIMFF 2021.


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Kakapo Crest


Tasmanian climbers Liz Oh and Rosie Hohnen are persuaded by filmmaker Olivia Page and a local kiwi stoat trapper, Ana Richards, to hike off-track deep into remote Fiordland, in New Zealand, to search for a sabre-like peak. They surrender themselves to Ana's confidence in navigating them through terrain few have crossed, and in parts never traversed at all.

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Three women from the north to the south of Quebec embark on a multisport expedition following the Koroc river in Nunavik. Travelling together against adversity, this journey soon becomes one of self-discovery for each participant.

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Shaped by Descent

Shaped by Descent follows professional skier, Lexi DuPont, over the course of ten years in Haines, Alaska. Through the film, we watch Lexi overcome the trials and tribulations that come with skiing in Alaska for ten consecutive years as she evolves into one of the best female big mountain skiers on the planet.

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Slack Sisters

In this short film, four female highliners share the art and sport of highlining and the wisdom each have gained from the line.