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VIMFF Fall Series Bike Show Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode

World Premiere
11 mins |
Canada |
Scott Secco
LANGUAGE(S): English


Airplane Mode tells the story of a new mountain bike trail, through the eyes of its builders: Owen, Corey, and Fraser.

Playing at

This film was part of

Fall Series 2022

and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff airplane mode director scott secco

Scott Secco

As a director, cinematographer, and editor, his work has racked up millions of views online, been featured in numerous Vimeo Staff Picks, and was showcased globally as part of the Banff Film Festival world tour. His 2015 feature, Builder, can be seen on Redbull TV.

Scott’s background combines both academia and the school of hard knocks: he interned with Sherpas Cinema during the production of their film Into the Mind, and later graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in creative non-fiction writing. He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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