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What is the VIMFF?

The VIMFF connects our global outdoor community with international filmmakers, creators and speakers, so that we can inspire, entertain and bring mountain adventure into the homes of our viewers. We offer mountain film screenings, live multimedia presentations, photography exhibitions, workshops, seminars & other special events. In February, we host an annual international 10-day festival and in November we bring together the community again with our Fall Series. Throughout the year, we offer several monthly online shows that feature a series of adventure packed films that inspire our viewers to new heights.

We invite you to join us throughout the year, as we continue to celebrate and embrace mountain film and culture, outdoor sports and environmental initiatives. We will announce new shows on our website and look forward to connecting with you virtually!

Who We Are.

Driven by a passion for film, culture, and the outdoors, the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) Society seeks to advance appreciation of films and film-making while inspiring, informing, and educating the public in these areas.

VIMFF achieves its aim by producing film festivals and photo exhibits, and providing a forum for film-makers and photographers to present and discuss their works. Its instructional seminars on films, film-making, and photography provide further education for those seeking to develop their skills.

Why the VIMFF?

We present unique outdoor films and content that illustrate experiences and cultures from all corners of the globe which brings communities together to promote positive values and active lifestyles.

The Society is aligned with the philosophy of the North Vancouver municipalities to promote, both locally and internationally, the natural beauty of North Vancouver and its status as one of the best places to visit and live, a place where nature and culture meet.

With the recent global pandemic, we have adapted our shows to a virtual setting, allowing us to connect with audiences in their homes while increasing our reach across the globe. We have expanded our programming to provide regular online content throughout the year and aim to bring inspiration and entertainment to our viewers.

Values & Vision


Community, Inspiration, Adventure, Authenticity, Sustainability, Creativity


Inspiring adventurous thought and action for the betterment of people and the planet

VIMFF Mission

To celebrate outdoor adventure and mountain culture through film, photography, presentations, and workshops.

VIMFF brings communities together and creates a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences between filmmakers, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and the public.


VIMFF is committed to improving the festival’s sustainability practices to reduce its environmental footprint. The Society recognizes the very real threat of habitat degradation and climate destruction.

In 2020 VIMFF established a board-level sustainability committee to build a baseline and set strategic objectives. Improvements will be made in areas such as procurement, printing, travel and local transportation, waste management, food and beverage selection and service, and venue considerations, such as convenience of location and energy usage. VIMFF will continue to program high-impact environmental content, plus be more proactive as community ecological stewards with local schools and organizations.

VIMFF History

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Society was incorporated in 1998 and hosted its first festival over three nights in February of that year. About 1,700 people in total attended those first events at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver.

In 1999 the Festival grew with the addition of some non-film events such as a rock climbing competition and slide shows, and total attendance increased to 3,000. In 2000 the Festival grew significantly to total attendance of over 6,400, and in the year 2001 to 8,000 viewers. The Festival continued to add more shows at its main venue (Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver) and at new venues (North Vancouver Public Library, Pacific Cinematheque, MacMillan Space Centre, Ridge Theatre). With the additional shows the diversity of the programming was also enhanced, providing more films and presenters with topics on environmental issues, mountain culture, and adventure travel.

New events were created, including the VIMFF World Tour and the VIMFF Fall Series. The World Tour brings award winning films across the globe and visits more than 50 communities in Canada and around the world. The VIMFF introduced the Fall Series in 2008, designed as a mini-festival featuring select speakers and films. This event runs each November, features multiple shows & due to its success, we have added it to the annual calendar at the VIMFF. New for 2021, we will offer several monthly online shows that will feature a series of adventure packed films that will entertain and inspire our viewers to new heights.

Since 1998, the VIMFF has evolved from a three-day event at one venue with an audience of 1,700 to an all year round series of events including a 10-day festival in February, a second festival in November and several online monthly shows throughout the year. Our programming includes live presentations, films, photography, and international film and photo competitions. Our reach has expanded globally and the combined Festival events now attract more than 24,000+ annual viewers around the world. In the spring of 2020, we adapted and changed our programming to offer regular virtual shows that enable our viewers to enjoy our award winning films from the comfort of their homes. In the coming months, we look forward to further expanding our reach internationally and growing our outdoor community of viewers, filmmakers and partners.


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Feb 1 – Feb 24

Adult: $25
Youth (16 and under): $23
Senior (65+): $23




Feb 25 – Mar 6

Adult: $27
Youth (16 and under): $25
Senior (65+): $25





Dec 9 – Jan 31

Online Film Pass: $75


Feb 1 – Mar 15

Feature Film: $10
Workshop: $10
Live Panel Discussion: $10
Show: $18
Online Film Pass: $90

  • The Online Film Pass gives you access to watch all 50+ films that will be screened as part of the 15 shows during the VIMFF 2022.
  • Tickets sales close on March 15 at 11:59pm (PDT) and you will have until March 27 at 11:59pm (PDT) to view the shows.
  • For those experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a discount code to reduce the price of the film pass by $10, a single show ticket by $4 and a feature film ticket / workshop by $2. Apply the coupon code, COVID at checkout to receive this discount.
  • Please read our Online Screening FAQs or contact tickets@vimff.org if you have any questions.