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The VIMFF Coast Mountain Adventure Grant

Presented by Arc’teryx

The VIMFF Coast Mountain Adventure Grant presented by Arc'teryx is now open for applications until January 31, 2024.

The 2024 grant recipient will be announced at the VIMFF in February 2024.

Applications are now being accepted for this year’s VIMFF Coast Mountain Adventure Grant presented by Arc’teryx: a grant to enable local explorers and adventurers to undertake their dream expeditions.

The VIMFF Coast Mountain Adventure Grant will award a total of $3000 to local adventurers who have exploratory and human powered objectives in the Coast Mountains of the Pacific North West. Our aim is to support Canadian adventures in our own backyard, while promoting a multitude of outdoor pursuits and bringing the resulting story to the VIMFF stage for our community to enjoy.

Details & Requirements:

  • Open for applications November 15, 2023 and closes January 31, 2024.
  • Recipients of the grants will be awarded at the 27th annual VIMFF in February 2024.
  • The supported expedition must take place between March and December 2024.
  • The grant is open to residents of British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Expeditions must be exploratory in nature and take place in the Pacific Coast Range of Western North America.
  • Any and all human powered outdoor pursuits will be considered, including, but not limited to: cycling, hiking, trail running, climbing, skiing and paddling.
  • Expedition participants must be extensively prepared, through both physical training and gear preparation.
  • Recipients must be self-reliant and carry appropriate safety gear and communication devices relevant for the location and activity.
  • Participants must minimize environmental impacts and practice safe, responsible use of the outdoors.

Application Guidelines:

All applications should include the following:

  • An introduction to expedition participants, including their relevant qualifications, experience and contact information.
  • Trip summary (one paragraph), including trip title, objective, start date, return date, and location.
  • Detailed trip description, including how the expedition and participants meet each of the requirements listed above.
  • Link to relevant blog or web pages.
  • Names of other expedition sponsors and/or relevant athletic sponsors.
  • A detailed trip budget including all trip expenses and how much contribution you hope to receive from the grant (grant fund of $3000).
  • A description and/or example of the capacity within the expedition team to provide high-quality, video and/or photographic images, and relevant story-telling abilities.


  • The trip must take place between March and December 2024.
  • At least one member of the team must give a presentation on their trip at the VIMFF in February 2025.

How to Apply:

Applications to be emailed to: tom@vimff.org.
The deadline for applications is January 31, 2024.
The recipients will be announced at the VIMFF in February 2024.

2023 Recipients

Ethan Berman & Matteo Agnoloni

The Waddington Loop: High Alpine Circumnavigation of the Waddington Range

The Waddington Range is comprised of the highest and most technical peaks in BC, including the tallest in the province, Mount Waddington (4,019m). The range has a history of cutting-edge alpine climbing, with major ascents dating back to the 1930s. Due to the range’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it experiences extreme weather and climbing trips are commonly associated with epic stories. Our main objective is to complete a circumnavigation of the nine major peaks in the range, including the five Serra Peaks, Tiedemann, Asperity, Combatant, and Waddington. These peaks form a horseshoe, and although they have been traversed before twice, no team has ever completed a full circumnavigation, starting and finishing at the same location, as a complete loop. We also plan to climb in the reverse direction as the other two teams, adding some level of new terrain to the traverse. We expect our objective to take 5 days, involving 24 km of complex mountain travel, 4500 m of elevation gain, and climbing grades up to 5.9 WI4 M5.

vimff coast mountain adventure grant ethan berman x

Ethan Berman

Born in India and looked after by a Tibetan nanny, it was only a matter of time before Ethan found his calling in high mountain landscapes. With climbing roots sewn between craggy outcrops in Thailand and granite monoliths in Yosemite, in recent years he has focused on alpinism, which has taken him to the Himalaya, Andes, Saint Elias, and Alaska Range, and kept him busy at home in the Canadian Rockies. Ethan was awarded the 2021 Piolet D’or for his new route on the Emperor Face of Mt. Robson with Uisdean Hawthorn. His writing has been featured in both the American and Canadian Alpine Journal and he maintains a blog of words and images from his favorite adventures at www.ethanclimbs.com. Ethan also connects to the landscapes that inspire him through researching changes to snow and vegetation dynamics using satellite imagery.

vimff coast mountain adventure grant matteo agnoloni x

Matteo Agnoloni

Matteo, a rare homegrown North Vancouverite, was introduced to the coastal mountains early on in his childhood through his parents’ adventures. He developed his own passion in the mountains later on in life, and now finds joy in climbing the steep crack climbs on the Stawamus Chief in the summer, chases the often-poor conditions in the local North Shore Mountains during the winter, and dreams of that perfect alpine bivy. When he’s not fighting gravity, you may find him with his wife and dogs on a beach somewhere watching people surf, wishing he could do the same.

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