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Tim Jones Community Achievement Award

Tim Jones Community Achievement Award

Co-presented by VIMFF and North Shore Rescue

The Tim Jones Community Achievement Award is awarded each year to a North Shore community member who has made outstanding contributions to the outdoors or sports community. This award is in memoriam of the late and great Tim Jones, paramedic and chief for over 24 years of North Shore Rescue. It represents Tim’s legacy and serves as an inspiration to the community to selflessly help others.

The mission of the award is to educate and share the passion for nature and the love for our backyard mountains.

We are open for submissions for the 6th annual Award! Please fill out the form below to nominate a person or persons that fit the criteria for this prestigious award. We are taking submissions until January 20th. After which a jury will decide on the winner of this years award.


The nominees for this award must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Shall be/ have been active in the North Shore outdoors or sports Community
  • Shall be perceived as having made an outstanding contribution
  • Must be perceived as an “unsung hero”, someone who has received little in the way of national and or public recognition for their accomplishments

All submissions will be adjudicated by a jury consisting of the North Shore community members, who will select a recipient from the eligible submitted candidates.


Submissions must include:

  • Name and phone number or email of the individual submitting the application
  • Name, phone number, mailing address and email of the candidate
  • A letter from the nominator explaining the candidate’s involvement in, and impact upon, the North Shore community
  • All applicable support materials, such as pictures, video links or other biographical documents must be in a format that is accessible
  • If you have any questions, please contact

Nomination Form

Letter to explain the candidate's involvement in, and impact upon, the North Shore community (500-700 words).
All applicable support materials, such as pictures, video links other biographical documents to be provided in an accessible location via a shared link to a Dropbox or other online storage platform.

History & Past Recipients

2018:  Born and raised on the North Shore Jay Piggot could always be counted on to show up for those in need. As a member of North Shore Rescue he enthusiastically donated his time and skills to make the team a stronger, more efficient organization. Along with his work as a paramedic he has touched countless lives for the better. He could be often be seen at rescue bases organizing equipment, training hard for tasks or pushing the team to improve on existing structures, even after he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in December 2015.

This award is especially fitting, not only because of Jay’s outstanding contributions to the outdoor community but Tim Jones was also a mentor to Jay and he did his best to follow in Tim’s very large footsteps. Sadly, Jay passed away in December 2017 and his loss is felt deeply by his family, teammates, colleagues and the community, which he so selflessly cared for.

2017: Jennifer Hewlett received the award out of the hands of 2016 winner Shaun Hollingsworth. Jennifer founded the organization Fresh Air Life twenty years ago, a group dedicated to introducing women of all ages to the beauty of the North Shore mountains. She created a culture of wellness and inspired a community of inclusiveness. She is a guide, a mentor and motivator. She has volunteered her time in many charitable endeavors.

2016: Shaun Hollingsworth receives the award in 2016 out of the hands of Tim Jones’ son Curtis Jones. Shaun is the president of the Seymour Salmonid Society, co-chair of the Skagit Environment Endowment Commission, a director for the B.C. Conservation Foundation and past president of the North Shore Fish and Game Club.

2015: Tim Jones receives the award posthumous, and his daughter Taylor Jones accepts the award on Tim’s behalf.

2014: North Shore trail builder Todd Digger Fiander receives the very first award, presented by mountain bike “freeride Godfather” Wade Simmons. In 2015 the award was renamed ‘The Tim Jones Community Achievement Award’, in memoriam of the late and great Tim Jones, paramedic and chief for over 24 years of North Shore Rescue. The award was renamed to continue Tim’s legacy and to keep on inspiring community members to selflessly help others.

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