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VIMFF Women’s Climbing Program

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Applications for the VIMFF Women's Summer Climbing Program are now closed.

We will be contacting successful applications by April 22, 2024 with further information. Stay tuned for the opening of our winter program 2025 applications.

The VIMFF's 2024 Women’s Summer Climbing Program presented by Arc’teryx, is now closed for applications.

This program will take place from May 5th to June 16th 2024 (every Sunday except May 19th for 7 weeks). Its purpose is to introduce new women to indoor and outdoor rock climbing, provide a safe and supportive space to learn foundational climbing skills and to build community and partnerships.

The focus of this program will be on roped climbing – participants will learn the basics of top rope climbing – belay techniques, rope work, knots and climbing skills – during 3 indoor sessions at the Hive Heights gym (Vancouver), and then progress to outdoor climbing with certified ACMG rock guides in Squamish, BC, where over 3 more days you will expand your skillset to anchor building and climbing outside safely and with confidence.

This program was founded in 2021 in partnership with Sport Canada to address constraints in participation within the sport for women, gender minorities and racialized communities. We encourage and welcome people with added intersecting identity factors (Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, official language minorities, newcomers, persons with disabilities) to apply.

VIMFF would like to thank our presenting partner Arc’teryx for their support in ensuring this program continues and their commitment to building a stronger climbing community.

There is no cost to apply and selected participants will receive access to the program free of charge.

The 12 selected participants will each receive:

Note: We are looking for participants to commit to the entire program. Please make sure you can attend each session before applying.


“We created a safe and inclusive space where we lifted and supported each other as we reached new heights— both literally and figuratively. This program was a unique opportunity to find and grow in a new sport under the guidance of a team of incredibly skilled mentors; I’m so grateful that I was provided with the chance to have started my climbing journey in such a beautiful and supportive way.”

– Maya

“The VIMFF Women’s Climbing Program provided me with the knowledge and tools needed to be able to climb. The folks leading the program were very encouraging which helped build my confidence. The temporary Hive membership gave me an opportunity to commit to climbing. Since the program, I’ve been constantly climbing every week.”

– Rabaab

“I learned so much from this program and I am so grateful that I have been given the knowledge and confidence to continue building my climbing skills long after the program has ended. Learning to climb in a safe, supportive environment with kind and encouraging instructors was an experience I will never forget and one that I am incredibly thankful for. This program has been such an invaluable, inspiring and fun opportunity and I wish I could do it all again!”

– Helen

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