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VIMFF 2020 Film Submissions


Film submissions are now closed

Please stay tuned for VIMFF 2021 Film Submissions

Festival Description

Providing the outdoor communities of Vancouver and the Pacific North-West with international films and presentations on the topics of mountain culture and mountain sports. The Festival creates a platform for the exchange of ideas between filmmakers, outdoor activists, and the public, while at the same time supporting the most artistic and effective ways of communicating outdoor-related issues. VIMFF is a not-for-profit organisation.

Entering its 23rd year, VIMFF’s main festival each year in February spans 9 days and 7 venues throughout the greater Vancouver area, with over 30 events and just less than 10,000 audience members.

Finalist films will have the chance to be selected for The VIMFF World Tour which travels to over 50 communities throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

The VIMFF also hosts a successful mini-festival – our ‘Fall Series’ each year in November.

VIMFF also supports our community with various grants, including the ARC’TERYX Adventure film grant ($5,000) for up-and-coming young Canadian filmmakers, and the MEC Adventure grant ($6,000 total) for exploratory expeditions by Canadians.

Awards & Prizes

Festival Grand Prize: $2,000
Best Mountain Culture Film: (B.C.M.C. Award) / $1,000
Best Climbing Film: (The Alpine Club of Canada Award) / $1,000
Best Canadian Film: $1000
Best Adventure Film: $500
Best Mountain Sport Film: $500
Best Environmental Film: $500
Best Short Film: $500

Rules & Terms

Professional and amateur films from anywhere in the world are invited to participate. We welcome documentary, fiction, animated and experimental features dealing with mountain culture, environment, and mountain sports/adventures.

There is no duration limit for a film, but it should be noted that if a film’s duration is over 60 minutes and there is a shorter version available, the shorter version is generally preferred.

It is preferred for films with non-English soundtracks to have English subtitles; but if a film does not have English subtitles, it must be accompanied by a written version of the soundtrack in English.

The Entrant grants VIMFF the right to copy the film to facilitate festival operations. This generally includes but is not limited to providing the film to festival staff and jury members, loans to media reviewing the festival, creating backups, and changing the media format for technical purposes.

The Entrant grants VIMFF the right to use short clips from the film for promotional purposes. These clips are generally less than 15 seconds and are used to compose the VIMFF trailer, which is screened at the start of each festival event and is made available on the VIMFF website.

The Entrant grants VIMFF the right to use any images provided for the promotional use of events related to the submission and/or the VIMFF festival.

Grants, Awards & Competitions