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The VIMFF Film Grant


Presented by Arc’teryx

The VIMFF Film Grant presented by Arc'teryx is now closed for applications.

The 2024 grant recipient has been announced (see below) and we will open again for the 2025 application later this year.

VIMFF and Arc’teryx have partnered to present this filmmaker development grant to further our shared commitment to supporting Canadian adventure film.

The grant award’s $10000 to the selected recipient filmmaker to produce their proposed project which will premiere at VIMFF the following calendar year.

This grant is intended to support emerging filmmakers specializing in mountain film. We hope it will help them kick start a successful career and enable them to produce a film they have been dreaming of. The recipient will also get the opportunity to be mentored throughout the process by the Arc’teryx professional and in house media team.

Our aim is to support the development of Canadian adventure filmmakers, promote self-propelled wilderness adventures and bring the resulting story to the VIMFF screen for our community to enjoy.

Details of the grant:

  • Applications will be accepted from November 15, 2023 until January 31, 2024.
  • Recipients of the filmmaker grant will be announced at the VIMFF in February 2024.
  • The supported film project will be produced between March and December 2024.
  • The winning filmmaker will be awarded $10,000 CAN from the VIMFF & Arc’teryx to be used towards the production of their film project.
  • The final film will premiere at the 28th annual VIMFF in February 2025.
  • Individuals must be Canadian residents and be residing within Canada.
  • The proposed film topic must be in line with the activities that VIMFF and ARC’TERYX support and encourage. Therefore the film topic must profile self-propelled wilderness oriented adventures.

2024 Recipient

Film Title: Ahon ("Rise")


In Filipino, “ahon” means to rise, emerge, or break through a surface. “Ahon” is a short documentary film showcasing how the Filipino-Canadians of K8 Mountaineering Club band together to reach dizzying heights — all while breaking barriers for their “kababayans” (fellow Filipinos) and celebrating Filipino culture in Canada’s mountains.

Deep-dive into the world of K8 Mountaineering Club, a non-profit organization that provides access to education, equipment, and community to ~30 Filipino-Canadian members and counting. From hiking to ice climbing, the film documents education opportunities and adventures leading up to K8’s 10th anniversary celebration, a family-friendly campout featuring Filipino cuisine and backcountry karaoke. The film will be told through the eyes of a new member seeking to reconnect with their Filipino heritage and feature the personal stories of select K8 members who have overcome the challenges faced by immigrants who dream of accessing the outdoors.

“Ahon” ultimately aims to offer an introduction to Filipino-Canadian mountain culture while inspiring greater connection between Filipino-Canadian mountain people and the broader outdoor community.

vimff film grant presented by arcteryx trixie pacis photo stasia schmidt x
Trixie Pacis is an emerging Filipina-Canadian filmmaker and Director of Content & Programming at ChimeTV, America’s only Asian American and Pacific Islander cable network. Her documentary work explores themes of identity, belonging, and stewardship in mountain communities and demonstrates a deep passion for bringing quiet voices and overlooked stories to wider audiences.

Trixie is a multi-disciplinary storyteller. In lieu of film school, she learned the ropes through a mosaic of diverse roles and experiences. She spent the early stages of her career exploring different areas of the entertainment industry as an Assistant at Trisko Talent Management, Script Development Coordinator at Drive Films, and Producer’s Assistant on various feature films. Curious to explore further afield, she spent two years living in India, Slovenia, Portugal, and the Philippines working remotely as a freelance screenwriter, copywriter, social media manager, and photographer.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Vancouver, Trixie now calls the ‘one light town’ of Kimberley, BC home. Although she discovered her enthusiasm for the outdoors relatively late in life, she makes up for it by weaving nature into her film work and climbing, hiking, skiing, and surfing whenever possible. Trixie joined the K8 Mountaineering Club of Alberta to rekindle a connection to her Filipino roots and is thrilled for this opportunity to share their story.

vimff film grant presented by arcteryx ahon rise photo K Mountaineering Club of Alberta x
vimff film grant presented by arcteryx ahon rise photo K Mountaineering Club of Alberta x

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