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VIMFF 2022 Speakers

The VIMFF 2022 showcases 10+ highly acclaimed speakers who will be sharing their mountain adventure stories that touch on themes about diversity, discovery, inclusivity, conservation and exploration.

The VIMFF 2022 has ended and we want to give a huge thanks to our outdoor community for supporting the festival this past February / March!

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Aneela McKenna is a Scots Asian diversity pioneer who has tackled racism and discrimination in her own life with the help of mountain biking. Her recent documentary After the Storm invites viewers and the cycling world to open their hearts and minds to how racial discrimination feels and to be the best, most enriched version of themselves.
Anthony began his career independently directing and producing the documentaries “AZADI:Freedom” and “STAND” which both won numerous awards internationally while screening in over 30 countries. STAND was picked up by Netflix for North American distribution and is also the central pillar of an educational outreach program developed by Simon Fraser University that has reached more than 100 schools and over 10,000 students to promote conservation and critical thinking.
In 2016, Jenny Tough set out to run solo and unsupported across the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, a journey of nearly 1,000km. Her successful completion marked a world-first expedition and sparked a project to run solo and unsupported across a mountain range on every continent. In the Fall of 2021 in the Transylvanian Alps, Jenny completed her project, which included three world-first traverses and over 4,000km of mountain running. The VIMFF will be the first live audience to hear about her project since its final segment.
Jimmy Martinello's current home base is Squamish, British Columbia, where he has lived with his beautiful wife and two amazing children for the past 14 years. Jimmy has been an avid adventurer his whole life and in the last 25+ years, his travels have taken him across the globe. His passions are revealed in his photography and film work through all the documentations of his explorations. Jimmy’s true wish in life is to give hope and inspiration.
Growing up in Vancouver, John Baldwin became fascinated by the Coast Mountains that rise above the city and developed a lifelong passion to explore this incredible range of mountain wilderness. Over the past 40 years, he has completed numerous first ascents and pioneered many long ski traverses, often to remote areas that have rarely been seen or photographed. For John, the purpose of these explorations is to travel through the mountain wilderness, to climb high snowy peaks, to search for sheltered basins where the snow is deep and light, to look at patterns in the new fallen snow, stare at the chaos of a jumbled icefall, or experience the stillness of a vast icefield.
Activist in terms of diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, Refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, new Canadian citizen, hiker, skier, trail-runner, but most of all a human being who loves being free in nature. Judith plays a key role in raising awareness for cultural change, focusing on diversity and equity in the outdoors. Her accomplishment, through her journey, would be to have at least one person who sees her doing these sports and have them be inspired to break the stigma in terms of who is in the outdoors. Bringing together people of different race or ability, Judith is the founder of Colour the Trails.
Larissa is a restorative circle keeper, published Indigenous and anti-racism researcher, award-winning ribbon skirt artist, and proudly passes on Métis and Jamaican ancestry to her daughter, Zyra. She is the Founder of Future Ancestors Services, a youth-led professional services social enterprise that advances equity and climate justice through lenses of ancestral accountability and anti-racism. Larissa is a CohortX Climate Justice Fellow, a Raven Trust Capital Fireweed Fellow, Action Canada Fellow, and an awardee of Women of Influence’s Top 25 Women of Influence.
Based in British Columbia, Levi Allen wants to help aspiring story tellers have the tools and skills to make films they can actually be proud of. His work is best showcased through his debut film Untethered, and also through the regular uploads to his YouTube channel where he challenges himself on self filmed solo adventures. He created the Adventure Film Academy to help equip aspiring filmmakers with the inspiration and practical experience they need to tell better stories.
From the Himalaya to BC’s Coastal mountains, Michael shares his stories of discovery and trauma, and friendship and joy. He brings his perspective of the primal connection we all share with each other, the mountain and Mother Earth.
Momme Halbe, is a German-Canadian Producer at Ecologyst Films. He worked as a Communications Director and Production Manager at Whistler based Sherpas Cinema from 2011-2014 and worked as a freelance filmmaker and producer from 2014 to 2021. During that time Momme has produced and directed branded content, commercials and short documentaries.
Nikki Sanchez is a Pipil and Irish/Scottish academic, Indigenous media maker and environmental educator. She holds a master's degree in Indigenous governance and is completing a PhD with a research focus on emerging visual media technology as it relates to Indigenous ontology. For over a decade, she has worked as a wilderness guide, Indigenous environmental educator and decolonial curriculum advisor, and for two years she was the David Suzuki Foundation "Queen of Green."
Patrick is a community planner, writer, storyteller and passionate mountain bike and trail enthusiast. As the founder of the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program, he has spent the last decade working with dozens of First Nations and Indigenous Peoples throughout the province, training trail crews and building pathways that support healing and community development. He is widely recognized as a trusted voice and advocate for reconciliation.
Father of 3, a Ma’amtaglia Hereditary Chief, artist and a central character in the upcoming Ecologyst film - Before They Fall. Rande is known to his family as K’alapa and Chief Makwalawa.
Rose Henry is a Coast Salish Woman originally from Tla'amin from her mother's side of the family and Klahoose from her father's side. She believes that she can make a change in society if she remembers what she has been taught; that caring is sharing and give hope for a better society. If she sticks to her beliefs of community, consultation and collaboration and puts in the effort, it will be worth all of the volunteering she has invested in trying to make changes. In her community what happens to one person affects all of us.
Ryan Wilkes is an emerging documentary cinematographer and director, and holds a PhD in Bioengineering. Through documenting adventurous pursuits, new discoveries and conservation-related endeavors, Ryan enjoys exploring the relationship between people and the natural world. His passion for filmmaking was born when he moved to New Zealand to pursue his PhD at the University of Canterbury.
Tim Emmett is a professional athlete, speaker and coach. In 2020, he established Mission to Mars, WI 13, the first route of this grade, at Helmcken Falls Canada. He has climbed 5.14 traditionally protected rock climbs and also F8c+ sport. He is a pioneer of Deep Water Soloing (DWS)- climbing above water with no ropes or equipment and also Para Alpinism (Climbing and BASE jumping). Tim continues to push the boundaries of physical and mental performance.
With the motto of “ninjasticking through the wood to bring intersectionality to the outdoors”, Vasu continues to challenge the biases that go with being a disabled person of color. He is the first adaptive athlete for The North Face, a founding member for The Outdoor F.U.T.U.R.E Initiative, the co-founder of Inclusive Outdoors Project and a Disability Access strategist for The Avarna Group, In Solidarity Project and independently.



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