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Jamie MoCrazy

Jamie MoCrazy (she/her) grew up on the ski slopes with a dream, and she knew she would do whatever it took to make that dream come true. She would do what it took, like becoming the first woman in the world to flip off a rail in a ski competition. She would do what it took, like winning the first ever slopestyle skiing junior World Championships in New Zealand and convincing the IOC to add slopestyle skiing to the Olympics. She would do what it took, like becoming the first woman in the world to double flip at the X-Games. She would do what it took, until that almost took her life.

Then, her accident changed everything including her outlook on the competition. She went from being one of the best free skiers in the world to struggling to climb a flight of stairs.

She was now competing against her own personal best each day as she tried to relearn the skills she had lost. Progress was made over time, and she started to beat her own records for abilities like walking unassisted for a given distance, feeding herself without dropping her utensils, and getting out of bed and dressed in record time. Over years she learned to climb an alternative peak.

Today, she is Peer to Peer certified and Person Centered Practice certified, and Founder of the MoCrazy Strong Foundation. Jamie shares her story of loss, rebuilding identity, and resilience with audiences all over the world to inspire others to realize their biggest competition is actually themselves. When you learn to be your own personal best, you’re able to feel more satisfaction, build lasting, internal motivation, and live an authentic, fulfilled life.

The MoCrazy Strong Foundation started an impact campaign with the film #MoCrazyStrong on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. They use this film as a visual story to start discussions, raise awareness and create opportunities for brain injury survivors. They screen in front of policy makers and nonprofit organizations.

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival will be the last film festival before #MoCrazyStrong goes public after their Alive to Thrive day! To keep up to date on the impact campaign and Jamie’s public speaking follow MoCrazy Strong Foundation.

Speaking at


Live Panel Discussion: Transforming Hurt into Wisdom

A dialogue led by Mike Schauch with three stars from the films playing this evening. Joining Mike on stage will be Jamie MoCrazy from #MoCrazyStrong, Dave Gu from On Fire in Ice, and Kenny X Hamlett from Black People Don’t Do That: Kenny X Hamlett. Mike and guests will take a deeper dive into their physical, psychological, and emotional journeys and how they ultimately transformed their deepest hurt into their greatest wisdom. There will be an audience Q&A during the discussion.

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