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Meghan J. Ward

Meghan J. Ward is an outdoor, travel and adventure writer based in Banff, Canada, a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and the author of Lights to Guide Me Home. Meghan has written several books, as well as produced content for anthologies, blogs and film, including a documentary-in-progress (Wildflowers) which traces the remarkable life of early 20th century explorer/artist, Mary Schäffer Warren. Meghan’s magazine credits include Kootenay Mountain Culture, Mountain Life, IMPACT, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Canadian Geographic and Adventure Journal. She has worked in editorial at several titles, including the award-winning Canadian Rockies Annual and Alpinist Magazine. She loves to explore the wild and the world with her partner Paul Zizka and take their daughters along for the ride.

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Crafting the Perfect Pitch: Getting Your Adventure Stories Published

Many writers and adventurers dream of seeing their stories published. But “cracking the code” with magazines and other publications can be a tough gig. What sells a story? What are editors looking for? What can a writer do to make their story stand out?

For 15 years Meghan has worked both as a professional writer and editor, giving her unique insights from each side of the equation. In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn about story ideas versus story angles, how to write a query letter, think visually, and other tactics to help you get your stories published in magazines, blogs, and beyond. Not a writer? Photographers and filmmakers will gain insights into the industry, learn best practices for pitching to magazines, and how to gain press for creative projects.

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