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Dave Gu

Dave Gu (he/him) started experiencing difficulties walking at the age of 12. He was diagnosed 3 years later with the autoimmune condition, Ankylosing Spondylitis, which causes severe stiffness and pain in his joints. The disease is hereditary and his father’s spine has fully fused with time. Dave’s spine was ultimately going to follow the same outcome, but he became deeply curious if it could be preventable.

The first decade with AS was difficult despite seeing dozens of “”health experts””. Dave eventually found the Wim Hof Method and traveled to Spain to train in Cold Exposure and Breathwork. A consistent practice of the WHM would greatly improve his symptoms, and he eventually followed the progression of becoming an instructor. Dave’s current purpose and passion is to share the WHM in a simple, experiential, and practical way.

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Live Panel Discussion: Transforming Hurt into Wisdom

A dialogue led by Mike Schauch with three stars from the films playing this evening. Joining Mike on stage will be Dave Gu from On Fire in Ice, Jamie MoCrazy from #MoCrazyStrong, and Kenny X Hamlett from Black People Don’t Do That: Kenny X Hamlett. Mike and guests will take a deeper dive into their physical, psychological, and emotional journeys and how they ultimately transformed their deepest hurt into their greatest wisdom. There will be an audience Q&A during the discussion.

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