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Sanesh Iyer

Sanesh Iyer is an Indian-South African (Khoikhoi and San territory) immigrant who grew up in North Vancouver (Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh Nation territory). Sanesh’s passion for the outdoors stems from his love for mountain biking, having spent 10 years in the Vancouver bike industry as a guide and mechanic. Sanesh is an engineer at Climeworks — the world leader in Direct Air Capture CO2 removal. He is part of the team commercializing the first technologies which permanently put CO2 back in the ground, to fight anthropogenic climate change.

The 2023 trip to Alaska with Nathan Slater was Sanesh’s first backcountry trip longer than two weeks, and also his first kayak trip longer than 5 days.

Sanesh spends his time mountain biking, hiking, bouldering, petting dogs, reading, and playing board games. Sanesh holds a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s (BCIT) and Master’s (McGill) degrees with a specialization in aerospace composites.

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A Little Paddle to Alaska: Stories from a 140-day Sea Kayak expedition up the North American Coast

Sanesh and Nathan share challenges and triumphs from their 140-day sea kayak expedition from Victoria, British Columbia to Yakutat, Alaska. What did we eat? Who did we meet? How did we manage a 20-day journey along the ‘Lost Coast’? Take home some of the valuable insights we gained from navigating our rugged and ever-changing coastline.


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