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vimff x Clean Mountains

Clean Mountains

18 mins |
Netherlands |
  • Climbing
  • Environment
  • Mountain Culture
Geertjan Lassche
| SUBTITLES: English


Due to the pandemic there are no climbers in the Himalayas. A famous sherpa family, one brother and three sisters, decide to climb Mount Everest to clean the garbage and thus restore the holiness of the mountains, and calm the gods.

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This film was part of VIMFF 2023, VIMFF 2023 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff clean mountains geertjan lassche director

Geertjan Lassche

Investigation journalist and documentary maker Geertjan Lassche (1976) makes independent work for mainly NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting). His films have been shown at international festivals, foreign television stations and Lassche won many prizes. He also makes television programs. He was named Journalist of the Year in 2020 for a daily program during the Corona pandemic. His documentaries can roughly be distributed into two styles: the essayist documentary and the so-called ‘direct cinema’. When using the latter, guerilla-style filming method, he operates alone or in very small teams, wanting to make the viewer feel part of a process. He follows the characters close-to-the-skin. In his essayistic films, he immerses himself in subjects and persons for a longer period of time before he starts filming.

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