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Director: Hayden Griffith
Origin: Australia
Duration: 10 minutes

LIMITLESS chronicles the story of Jezza Williams, from life as a rogue adventurer to a life-changing accident that left him a C5 tetraplegic.

Positivity bursts from every fibre of his being. He’s been to some dark, wild places yet it seems the journey is just beginning.

He now runs an inclusive adventure tourism business who’s mission is to make adventure sports accessible to all.


vimff limitless director

Hayden Griffith

Hayden Griffith is a curious minded creature raised on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. He’s spent a lifetime being immersed in the wild which has given him the gift to work best where most people don’t.

Among other things, he’s also a zoologist, wild about natural history and responsible for producing content for science and communication to schools around the world both through film and live classes.

With a deep respect for narrative and a chronic spirit of adventure, Hayden strives to push the limits of photojournalism & film through aerial, land and sea environments.