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Director:Jay Trusler
Origin: Canada
Duration: 13 minutes

On his quest to complete his 3-part celestial ski photo series pro photographer Reuben Krabbe ventures into the backcountry of British Columbia to attempt to shoot a deep space ski photo of the Orion Nebula with a skier in the foreground. Planned over two years and only achievable on a clear moon-less winter night that happens a few times a year the pressure is on Reuben to prove to himself that he can capture another impossible photograph.



Jay Trusler

Jay Trusler, Director of Steller Sight and Sound, was born in Toronto, Ontario but moved with his family to Whistler, BC at a young age where he was raised with deep-seated respect and love for the mountains alongside an absolute passion for story and film. In 2009 Jay left his hometown to London, England where he received a B.A. in Digital Cinematography and Practical Filmmaking at the Met Film School. Since then Jay has worked on a wide array of film projects including Directing, Numerous Narrative and Documentary Shorts, Commercials, Web Content, and a Feature Film.