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vimff resilient bkground


Director: Connor Tieulie
Origin: USA
Duration: 15 minutes

Life flourishes when you can learn to push down barriers and challenges that can be thrown at you out of nowhere. Jerad Fischer, Lindsey Runkel, and Dan Soller are the living proof of how you can keep shredding and attacking life with a positive and tenacious attitude after a life-changing injury. From Colorado local dirt jumps, to Highland Mountain, to the Adaptive MTB World Champs, “Resilient” will prove that we are all capable of what we put our minds to!


vimff resilient connor

Connor Tieulie

Ever since I was a small kid, bicycles have been the number one deciding factor in how I choose to live my life. I have since then used this passion and obsession as the transition into my professional career as a photographer and videographer who loves to tell inspiring stories about amazing things happening in the world.