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Tear Down The City

World Premiere
5 mins |
Canada |
Hugo Dubé-Bouchard
LANGUAGE(S): English


This film merges classic mountain biking environments with a touch of unique urban riding including the subway to represent an infinite line through the trees and skyscrapers. It’s a line that you have never seen before and it’s been done all in one city!

This is a video project that Hugo Dubé-Bouchard had in mind for a longtime and was able to make it a reality, thanks to his crew.

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This film was part of

VIMFF 2023

and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff tear down the city hugo dube bouchard director

Hugo Dubé-Bouchard

Passionate about extreme sports and videos for a long time, I’ve been working in content creation, video editing, advertising, corporate videos, documentaries, sports and all other types of projects for a few years now.

I was able to improve myself in this industry by exploiting my creativity, versatility and fast adaptation. I also had the chance to work on various personal and professional projects.

I became a creator because of the originality and creativeness that can be achieved from one project to another, the ability to meet many inspiring & passionate people and being able to express myself through my own art .

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