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vimff the imaginary line bkground

The Imaginary Line

Director: Kylor Melton
Origin: USA
Duration: 11 minutes

In Febuary 2019, the United States government declared a ‘national state of emergency’ on the southern border… in an act of solidarity, a team from Mexico and a team from the U.S.A assembled with the sole purpose of establishing a slackline that crossed the border between them.

In a world that is constantly tearing us apart, we came together to cross those imaginary lines and tell a different story. Hoping to create an example of people from different lands coming together in a time of conflict, to say, that despite where you may come from, we are all humans here.


vimff the imaginary line kylor

Kylor Melton

Kylor lives to tell stories that move the human soul. Stories that ask what it means to be alive. Having worked with brands like Google and National geographic, Kylor has experience at the highest level of filmmaking but if we we are being honest, down in the dirt is where the real magic happens. In far flung lands or in his backyard, chasing a story is where Kylor comes alive.