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The Trilogy

Director: Tommy Joyce
Origin: USA
Duration: 30 minutes

On July 12, 2018, Professional Climber, Sasha DiGiulian, set out to become the first woman and second person in history to complete “Rocky Mountain Trilogy;” a compilation of three of the hardest 5.14 big walls in the Canadian Rockies. The imposing climbs, on Castle Mountain, Mount Louis, and Mount Yamnuska, respectively will take Sasha 2 months of continued effort with the ultimate goal of ascending each sheer wall in a single day push, with zero falls — a combined average of over 9,000 vertical feet of climbing at a lung busting average elevation of 7,000ft.

Setbacks with climbing partners, a shoulder injury, and mounting wildfires, DiGiulian is faced with ever increasing obstacles and forced to balance her goals with her safety. This is not only an extraordinarily unique physical journey, but a universal introspective story of overcoming fear, the importance of self-confidence, and in finding friends when and where you least expect them. Pushing through the uncomfortable moments and riding the ups and downs of life, DiGiulian drives herself through mounting fatigue and a closing weather window to strive for her historical goal.


vimff the trilogy tommy joyce

Tommy Joyce

Tommy grew up pursuing adventure sports in Colorado, and he was determined to build a life working outside. In college, a skiing injury ended his pro dreams and became the catalyst for a career with a camera. Something clicked… he didn’t have to be the athlete, he could continue his athletic pursuits from a new perspective: capturing others and helping them tell their stories. Over the past decade, Tommy has developed into a multifaceted artist with an exceptional eye in the field and the edit bay. An ice climbing assignment in early 2018 connected him with professional climber Sasha DiGiulian, and the two became fast friends. Now Sasha’s go-to collaborator, he’s the creative force behind her RedBullTV series “10 AM on a Tuesday,” which just finished its second season. Tommy has made films and produced commercial content all over the world for National Geographic, Adidas, Redbull, Nikon, Honda, The North Face and more. His work is polished, but it’s the gritty moments behind the scenes in the dirt, wind, and snow that he lives for.




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