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World Tour Films 2022/23

Presented by Arc’teryx


COVID-19: while most of the world is still in the grips of the pandemic, some cracks of light are starting to appear. We are taking requests to host, pending it being safe, according to local health guidelines, for the events to be held.

Explore the work that Brooke Goudy is doing to get more people of colour to experience the joy of bikes.
Follow diversity pioneer, Aneela McKenna, who has tackled racism and discrimination with the help of mountain biking.
One of the world’s best competitive high divers, Lysanne Richard, focuses on a winter high dive that has never been done.
Neil Gresham completes ‘the climb of his life' that packs big lobs, hard climbing and the moment of truth.


This film showcases Emilie Pellerin, likely the best climber you've never heard of.
An aerial and symphonic journey with powerful skier, Sam Favret, during the winter of 2021.
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, three emergency room nurses strive for balance in their lives through rock climbing.
A story between a father and his daughter, who is one of the best climbers in the world.
Navigating relationships and motivations, an elite alpinist attempts to climb one of the world’s most challenging unclimbed peaks.
Sami Ortlieb rounds up a motley crew of skiers to create a segment unlike anything that’s been done before.
Two explorers set out during the polar winter and cover more than 1000 kilometers in complete autonomy.
Sarah Hueniken is questioning her life in the mountains after an ice climbing avalanche takes her friend's life.
With a pair of skis and skins, Michelle Parker and Lucy Sackbauer fly amongst this massive range, in search of steep couloirs and first descents.
After surviving a skydiving accident, Tyler Turner's reality transitions to survival and a wholesale healing process.
Jay Macmillan travels to Langtang to reconcile his trauma, by retracing his parents' footsteps and exploring the land where they passed.
An action-driven ski and snowboard film elevating people of color, women and adaptive athletes.
The Black Foxes is an international collective of unapologetically Black cyclists reclaiming the freedom and joy of the outdoors.
Explore how 'The Farmer's' passion for efficiency and sustainability were utilized to maximize a lifetime of skiing.
Dwayne Wohlgemuth becomes the first person to hike the entire length of the longest esker in the world.
Tom Randall tries to complete the previously unattempted 15 classic Lakeland rock climbs in 24 hours.
A world class duo of wingsuit flyers, attempt a routine that is the ultimate test of partnership.
A professional skier opens up about navigating the mountains and valleys of mental health through the lens of ski touring.

Host a tour in your city.

If you want to bring the Tour to your community, please submit your application through our hosting form.

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