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Environmental Show

In partnership with The David Suzuki Foundation

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The Environmental show in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation presents four films, including the world premiere of Forever is Now. These films travel to Norway, Russia and Zion National Park. In today’s world of constant change, these films showcase the incredible stories that take place in remote places and bring to light controversial struggles.


Pricing: $17

Dates: Nov 20 – 29 / 2020
Launch: Noon PDT on Fri, Nov 20
End: Midnight PDT on Sun, Nov 29


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Forever is Now


This film follows ten people who are Zion National Park's keepers and caretakers. At a time of increasing tension between recreation and environmental impact, the film follows a path to the future through character stories that are personal, complex, and compelling.

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Wild & Wool

Bighorn sheep, an icon of the American West, battle to survive as contact with the infectious disease, Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M. ovi), carried by domestic sheep threaten these wild herds.

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River Tigers

An unlikely trio is lured to a remote river in the wilderness of the Russian Far East in search of a mythical 55-kilogram (120-pound) trout. The adventurers — a billionaire Russian businessman, an American fly fisherman, and a Russian scientist — must join forces to unlock the river’s secrets in order to save it.

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Echoes In The Arctic

Echoes In The Arctic follows celebrated wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen and a team of dedicated filmmakers and scientists on a vivid cinematic journey as they document the world's healthiest orca population in the Norwegian Arctic to help protect the ecosystem from oil exploration.

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