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Environmental Show

Learn and be inspired by four eye-opening environmental films including the world premiere of Leuser: the Last Place on Earth and join us for an engaging panel discussion about climate change. The filmmakers raise pressing issues about receding glaciers, the threat of illegal palm oil, the rewilding of salmon in Vancouver & our vanishing sea ice.

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Friday, February 19 at noon PST

This show includes access to view all the films listed below as well as a live virtual panel discussion on Tues, Feb 23, from 6-7pm PST, via Zoom.


Show ticket: $17

Festival passes:

Film only: $85 | All-access: $105

This show was part of the VIMFF 2021.

Films & Live Panel Discussion

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Panel Discussion: Climate Change in Cold and High Places

Tues, Feb 23 I 6-7pm PST I via Zoom.


In addition to the four films featured in our Environmental Show, we invite our audience to join us in an engaging panel discussion in which our panelists will share both their research and personal experience as witnesses of climate change. Through their stories from the Arctic and high-mountain regions, we hope to bring you direct human experiences of the impact of climate change that go beyond data and charts.

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The Return

There is something astonishing happening in the city of Vancouver. Largely unnoticed amidst vehicle traffic, industrial sites and construction, wild salmon are returning to their ancient spawning grounds. Filmed with a quiet, observing lens over many years, this film takes us into hidden enclaves of wilderness within the city, where tiny salmon smolts shimmer beneath the water's surface. Their future is now in our hands.

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Leuser: The Last Place on Earth


This film shares the story of the most biodiverse ecosystem ever documented by science. In a true David vs. Goliath story, we join Goldman Environmental Award winner, Rudi Putra and his team of park rangers to learn what it takes to protect their home. The Leuser Ecosystem, on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, is facing the looming threat of the expansion of large scale illegal palm oil.

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Maybe Tomorrow


In North-Western Greenland, because of climate change, good sea ice has been vanishing for several years. The Upernavik Archipelago is located on this exact border between water and ice. What’s this border like? What’s it like to live there?

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Falling Mountains


What would you do if your physical environment began falling apart before your eyes? The last three years have been the warmest on record in the European Alps where glaciers are receding at an alarming rate and mountains are crumbling. Can alpine communities adapt economies and livelihoods fast enough to keep pace with this rapid change?