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VIMFF Fall Series Bike Show Dancing in the Mountains

Dancing in the Mountains

22 mins |
Canada |
Samuel T. Scofy
LANGUAGE(S): English


Mountain biking is one of the fastest-rising sports in the world. It’s a huge driver of tourism and travel. We’ve also seen tremendous growth among women in the sport and the caliber is rapidly increasing. Now, we’re seeing big mountain lines, jump lines, and freeride in general being tackled by women.

In this, Hailey Elise, one of mountain biking’s top female prospects, and her crew have gone into the Whistler woods and delve into the origins of freeride, building their own line over two years with natural features that pushes what is currently possible for herself.

Hailey is undoubtedly talented at mountain biking and she’s also honest about the mental struggles of performing at such a high caliber all of the time. The pressure, the injuries, the mental blocks. After a big crash in the spring, she was on the mend for the second time in a year. She’s been recovering, rehabbing and back on the bike ready for her next big move.

This short docu-film is a meditation on physical & mental pain/growth, a crew of friends profoundly connected by bikes and wild ideas.

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This film was part of

Fall Series 2022

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vimff dancing in the mountains director samuel scofy

Samuel T. Scofy

Multi-disciplinary director, Samuel T. Scofy, loves to immerse himself into new worlds/cultures, loves to discover stories and inspiring people, and learn from them. Sam is a young and adventurous entrepreneur who spent years traveling for his business projects. The co-founder of Holos, Sam shares athletes’ stories through film. He combines his deep passion for music and cinema, bringing a new perspective to mountain action films.

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