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vimff x Good Medicine

Good Medicine

10 mins |
France |
  • Snowsports
Baptiste Sjostrom
LANGUAGE(S): English


Exploration is a well-known tradition among skiers…

Letting routine fade away in the rear-view, they look forward, awaiting what the horizon holds. Worries left behind and uncertain of what lies ahead, they are left with the present moment. And with that, the stage is set. Six friends embark on a new journey of discovery, camaraderie, challenge, and triumph on a uniquely coastal adventure in the remote and breathtaking maze of fjords in North West Norway.

Between surfing in icy waters, fishing through the fjords, free-riding with a view of the sea and descending couloirs in the high mountains. This expedition will confront them with themselves, in a reflection about who they really are in front of this wonderful Earth. Together, they will go through this questioning!

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This film was part of VIMFF 2023 and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff good medicine baptiste sjostrom director

Baptiste Sjostrom

Baptiste is a cinematographer, editor and nature lover living in the French alps.

He works in both the commercial and documentary world. The ability to capture fast paced imagery in a variety of conditions and locations is fundamental to his filmmaking.

His work revolves around human stories, empathy and connectivity.

In addition to his great passion for film, Baptiste spends all his free time out in nature, performing activities that make his body and mind feel great.

A true mountain friend with visions bigger than what can sometimes be obtained in image and art. Therefore, Baptiste is particularly interested in the projects facing both physical and creative challenges where new knowledge about both nature and human footprints can be found.

He recently worked as a camera operator on a Netflix fiction movie coming in 2024.

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