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WOLF with Sam Favret

North American Premiere
5 mins |
France |
  • Snowsports
Maxime Moulin
LANGUAGE(S): English


Everything is back to normal… But why do we feel that we’ve lost something? Wolf with Sam Favret, it’s a feeling about mountains and skiing.

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This film was part of VIMFF 2023, VIMFF 2023 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff wolf with sam favret maxime moulin director

Maxime Moulin

My passion for action, outdoor and mountain sports is the DNA of my director vision. Capturing the moment, focusing on raw energies and making things looking natural. I’m seeking the singularity in each subject, character or story to make sincere films. I’m inspired by the power of sport, the truth of the lifestyle and deep storytelling.

My cinematography is in between documentary and pure aesthetic research, an approach that allows me to develop the organic aspect of my films. I’m looking to go deeper into the creative action sports video, into the narrative content (docu series, brand content and long form documentary), and commercial content for sport brands.

A never ending quest.

Creating films to tell stories, and connect the audience to the characters. I started making films, because I wanted to manipulate images, sound and make stories out of them. Since 2010, I have pursued one goal: to translate into film, the experience, and the depth of the subjects that are offered to me. I am inspired by sport and the stories or adventures that goes with it. Whether in the creation of creative projects around sports and action sports, making athletes portraits, docu series or documentary in long format.

Today, I feel that I want to go further in the production of narrative films, to develop my vision and still exploring this universe.

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