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Soul Deep

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Origin: United States
Duration: 15 mins
Director: Dominic Gill


In the heart of Soulsville in South Memphis, Tennessee, a revolution is happening. And it all starts with climbing. This is the story of Memphis Rox, a climbing gym that has transcended the classic model of business. With a “pay what you can” approach, Memphis Rox is more than a gym, and bigger than climbing. It’s a glimpse into the future, where a climbing gym can become a crucible for diversity, inclusivity and community.



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Dominic Gill

Dominic Gill is a British adventurer, filmmaker and author of the book Take a Seat. Born in Oxford, United Kingdom, and educated at Shrewsbury, Gill became a biologist who, at the age of 25, left the corporate world of environmental consulting to fulfill his dream as an adventurer and filmmaker.


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