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vimff award Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound

Best Mountain Sport Film
North American Premiere
5 mins |
United Kingdom |
  • Snowsports
  • Women
Jade Ang Jackman
LANGUAGE(S): English


A sonic portrait of self-professed adrenaline junkie, Carina Edlinger, whose athletic prowess and determination led her to win Gold at the Beijing Winter Paralympics in 2022.

Skiing 80 mph down a snow laden mountain would be daring enough for most – Austrian skier, Edlinger, does this at 2 percent vision with nothing but the voice of her guide, faith in her practice and rush of the wind behind her. Collaborating with the budding sports journalist and elite athlete, Speed of Sound is a textured insight into the experience of this unstoppable young woman.

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This film was part of VIMFF 2023 and is no longer available for viewing.

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Jury Quote

In this award-winning short, the jury was struck not only by its compelling story and highly visual style, but by the rich and thoughtful soundscape, which is especially fitting as the film’s subject, Austrian Paralympic skier Carina Edlinger, has 2 percent vision. We congratulate director Jade Ang Jackman, and producer Ellie Sabine-Singh for their artistic portrayal of a committed and accomplished athlete in Speed of Sound.

Suzan Beraza, VIMFF 2023 Jury


vimff speed of sound jade ang jackman director

Jade Ang Jackman

Having started her film career in documentary, Jade has always been drawn to authentic voices who seek to challenge the status quo leading her to make films for VICE, Channel 4, the Guardian, GQ and screen at festivals such as Sundance, LSFF and more. Recently, she’s turned her attention to sport and the action genre sports culminating in her directing a documentary about queer representation in boxing for the Channel 4 & the Gay Times as well as winning Audible & Aesthetica’s Listening Pitch to make a sonic portrait of Paralympic gold-medallist skier, Carina Edlinger. In July, she was supported by Canon and Steve McQueen’s Lammas Park to create her debut narrative project. The film is an action-drama starring Alfie Allen and Aliyah Odoffin re-telling the story of a Suffragette self-dense group. Currently, she is developing her next project which is inspired by Genghis Khan’s queer warrior grand-daughter.


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