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The Path of Cedy Nkunze

13 mins |
Canada |
Seth Gillis
LANGUAGE(S): English


Too often, stories about the world’s iconic mountain destinations focus on the white, the wealthy and the privileged. Cedy Nkunze’s story, from Burundi to Blackcomb (you read that correctly), bucks that trend. And it’s time to listen to him.

In learning about Cedy, we explore Burundian culture and history. We’re introduced to the passions that colour his life, from mountain biking to playing the inanga and Cedy gives us a glimpse of what his world is like.

Playing at

This film was part of

Summer Fest 2022 / VIMFF 2022

and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff the path of cedy nkunze seth gillis director

Seth Gillis

Seth is a Documentary and Commercial Filmmaker whose work focuses on human interactions with the natural world. His work has been showcased in film festivals such as VIMFF, IF3, and Trento Mountain Film Festival.

Seth currently works in-house at Origin Outside and was previously the Video Lead at Powder Magazine.

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