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Originate // Symbiosis

World Premiere
11 mins |
Canada |
Bryan Smith, Cameron Sylvester
LANGUAGE(S): English


Rich in biodiversity and boasting unique old growth like no other on Vancouver Island, Fairy Creek has garnered attention across the globe as both environmentalists and loggers push for control over this ancient yellow cedar forest. Michelle Parker leaves her home in Tahoe, heading North to the Fairy Creek blockade to see what’s happened and learn how she can help. She joins a crew of like-minded adventure athletes: Marie France-Roy, Casey Brown and Mason Mashon. In a short time, their immersion amongst the trees reaches new heights.

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This film was part of

Summer Fest 2022 / VIMFF 2022 / VIMFF 2022 Tour

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vimff originate bryan smith director

Bryan Smith

A decade ago Bryan Smith bought his first camera at WalMart and started calling himself a filmmaker. While his imagery barely cracked amateur status on that first expedition, his passion and persistence would carry him through the ranks of the industry in the span of just 10 years. His first film, 49 Megawatts, documented a community’s struggle with a hydroelectric project on the Ashlu River and eventually led him to the hallways of National Geographic. He received an Expedition Council grant to lead a team of kayakers into the wilds of Kamchatka and went on to direct The Man Who Can Fly for the National Geographic Channel. After several years as a freelance director of photography for National Geographic, Bryan founded Reel Water Productions. A boutique production company based in Squamish, British Columbia specializing in documentary, expedition and commercial content.

vimff originate inspiration cameron sylvester director

Cameron Sylvester

As a former Olympic rower, Cam’s commitment to a life of activity runs deep. Since retiring from sport, his passion has shifted to cinematography. His ability to document captivating stories of adventure and adversity have brought him to the furthest reaches of the globe, while working with some of the most iconic athletes and individuals in the outdoor industry. His ability to shoot in the most challenging environments, combined with his creative approach to editing has established a relationship with some of the most recognized brands in the outdoor industry.

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