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The Worlds Highest Marathon

Director: Bjarne Salen
Origin: Nepal/USA
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 7 min

A story about Christopher Mohn, a Lyme disease survivor who is running the worlds highest marathon, which starts at Everest Basecamp.
It took the doctors 7 years to realize that Chris had Lyme disease. After his recovery he now facing the big challenge of his life, to run the highest marathon in the world, from Everest Basecamp.

Director: Bjarne Salen

Bjarne Salén has many talents: skiing, climbing and kayaking around the world are at the top of his list. He also has a longstanding interest in filmmaking, and a flash of inspiration in late 2010 linked the two together.
Bjarne put his adventure sports into film format, and rapidly gained both a large following and the attention of some major brands. That’s how it all started!