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Levi Allen

Based in British Columbia, Levi Allen wants to help aspiring story tellers have the tools and skills to make films they can actually be proud of. Lately he’s created a lot of solo shot winter pieces for his YouTube channel but also loves the challenge of an outdoor documentary. He runs and teaches through the Adventure Film Academy, which exists to help equip aspiring filmmakers get the practical experience and skills they need to tell better stories.

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This speaker was part of VIMFF 2023 which is now over.


How to Create Cinematic Films as a Solo Filmmaker

We have better tools in available than ever before, but how do we use them to actually get great results? In this workshop local adventure filmmaker Levi Allen will break down the technical fundamentals of how to get the most out of our modern prosumer and budget mirrorless cameras. He will share his go to checklists for having a successful documentary shoot–a process he’s refined to ensure great storytelling and cinematic visuals from chaotic environments. We will also get into the nuts and bolts of lens and audio selection, while keeping things framed in the high level approach of creating great work. This will be great for people who already have been filming videos and want to level up their work. Complete beginners are also welcome and we will transition each section with plenty of Q&A time.

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