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vimff the return featured title

The Return

Director: Marina Dodis
Origin: Canada
Duration: 20 minutes


There is something astonishing happening in the city of Vancouver. Largely unnoticed amidst vehicle traffic, industrial sites and construction, wild salmon are returning to their ancient spawning grounds. Once an important salmon bearing area, this watershed became severely degraded as the city grew. The run collapsed and was declared “dead”.

As salmon are iconic for people in British Columbia, concerned citizens became engaged. The rewilding has begun to pay off. After disappearing for 80 years, people can now witness the autumn spectacle of these powerful swimmers fighting to reach the streams they hatched in. To have a salmon run taking place within city limits is almost completely unique in a metropolis of this size.

Filmed with a quiet, observing lens over many years, this film takes us into hidden enclaves of wilderness within the city, where tiny salmon smolts shimmer beneath the water’s surface. Their future is now in our hands.



vimff the return director Marina Dodis

Marina Dodis

Marina Dodis is a filmmaker with an extensive background in still photography.  She specialize in portraiture, architecture, travel and documentary. A graduate of the Documentary Film program at Capilano University in 2012, her film “Going Strong” featured at local film festivals and Knowledge Network. For most films, she has been the Director, Editor and Cinematographer.

Marina’s films focus on the environment, culture and social justice. Clients include Vancouver Foundation,  Bard Graduate Center (NYC), Pacific Salmon Foundation and Museum of Anthropology. Her most recent film showed at the Norwegian Short FF, DOXA FF, Friday Harbour Documentary FF, Science On Screen (Ireland), Colorado Environmental FF, World Community FF (Courtney, BC) Vancouver International Mountain FF and Wild & Scenic (California).